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Join us live this Sunday 12/01, 7pmPT/10pmET when Rocko Fowler returns to the program with updates from his visitations of extraterrestrial beings. Plus investigative researcher Eric Mitchell also joins the discussion. Stay strange!

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Rocko Fowler was born in Florida and moved to New York at 1 years old. He went to preschool and kindergarten on a base on the eastern end of Long Island. It wasn't until 2014, Fowler's world began to crumble after waking up with triangle shape on his upper body. The following day. while walking with a friend , he noticed something in the sky the shape of the Star of David. Fowler looked at it directly and it was blinking in and out and all of a sudden it disappeared. He went home like nothing happened and the next day is when he'd suddenly started to see some crazy events take place.

Rocko was walking towards his home when suddenly he felt something zap his brain and fell to his knees. It was a start of a long journey of blood' sweat' and tears. He knew he needed information and started a huge investigation. He has been carrying on testimony from his mother, witnessed mutiple helicopter activity around home and just in general, very high strangeness. Fowler is currently working with a well seasoned investigator breaking through to the cutting edge of strange reality he has woken up to.