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Join us this Monday 4/12 @ 7pmPST as we speak with Readings with Chris', Chris Garcia. We'll learn about Chris' abilities at the age of 5 and how that effected his childhood. Chris will talk about his experiences of speaking with spirits and ghosts. Also open lines with your questions. Don't miss this fascinating and fun filled show! Stay Strange!

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Chris Garcia. Chris is a psychic/medium, clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient and empath. Chris also has the abilities to see auras and is able to remote view. He has had these God given gifts since the age of 5! Chris loves helping people and sensitive children with these gifts as well as adults. He is a shaman healer as well as into his Indian heritage. Chris also loves the paranormal and ghost hunting. He has been featured on such radio shows as Into The Outer Realms, S.R.S. Paranormal and Paranormal Zone TV.

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