'The Martians' w/ Researcher-Author: Nick Redfern 10/18/20 @7pmPT

Join us live, this Sunday 10/18 @ 7pmPT when Beyond The Strange guest paranormal investigator, author Nick Redfern joins Dave and talks about his latest book 'The Martians'. Nick will explain why he feels their is life on Mars, what the martians may look like,  how similar are they to us and much more! Do not miss this interview Stay Strange!

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Nick Redfern has been interested in UFOs since 1978. His main area of research centers around determining what has been learned about the UFO subject at an official level in Britain. He has spent hundreds of hours at the Public Record Office in London, and has uncovered thousands of pages of previously-classified Royal Air Force, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defense files on UFOs dating from the Second World War. Nick is the author of several best-selling books on UFOs including: The FBI Files: The FBI's UFO Top Secrets Exposed; and Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story Of The UFOs That Fell To Earth. Nick also lectures on the UFO subject both in the U.K. and abroad. Find Nick on  his website


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